Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Water Poet E1 6BX

Date: Sunday 10th May, 2009

Choice: Ellen
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Heather, Angel, Ellen, Siobhan & Jason.

Overpriced, with measly servings of meat and 'outside' was in a 2-walled enclosure (with a roof) with football fans smoking and screaming at the television. Not really the setting for a relaxing Sunday roast.
The menu stated the roast chicken would be 1/2 a chicken and it was lucky to be a 1/4 or it was a very small chicken. We think they under-catered.
The roast beef consisted of 2 very small slices of beef (Justin said he has had slices of bacon thicker than these were), with a large Yorkshire pudding and both meals came with large unsliced baked vegetables. Imagine if you will a leek cut in half and shallow boiled, a cabbage cut in quarters and a carrot sliced in half. It was like they could not be arsed cutting up the vegetables, or (more likely) were trying to be achingly cool. The potatoes looked and tasted like they were roasted yesterday and then microwaved.
We did not bother with dessert in the fear of being disappointed again.
Needless to say we would not be back for the food here and do not recommend it.

Mains: £13.95 for the Beef!
Desserts: none had, mains were bad enough.

Bookings: yes
Phone: 020 7426 0495