Sunday, 12 November 2006

The Pigs Ear, SW3 5BS

Date: Sunday 12th November, 2006

Choice: Claire's
Who was there: Angel, Ellen, Claire & Heather.
Guest: Nanna

This was a nice find by Claire. Tucked back in the streets of Chelsea, we had a bit of hassle getting a table (get here early) but Ellen managed to meet someone she used to share a flat with and we scored their table when they left.
The menu was simple and great, mains around £12. It seemed very popular among the locals too.
They have a restaraunt too.

Website: the pigs ear
Bookings: Not in the bar.
Phone: 020 7352 2908

Sunday, 1 October 2006

The Old Ship (Richmond) TW9 1ND

Date: Sunday 1st October, 2006

Choice: Ellen's
Who was there: Claire, Heather, Justin, Angel & Ellen.

This is a small pub in Richmond, Ellen actually thought it was a different pub when she chose it. It was a cold and wet day and the pub was very cosy and the food was pretty standard for a chain pub.

website: No
Bookings: No
Phone: 020 8940 3461

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

The Phoenix, SW1E 5JA

Date: Sunday 15th August, 2006

Choice: Claire's
Who was there: Heather, Claire, Justin, Angel & Ellen.
Guests: Tania and Paul.

It's a lovely looking pub, very cosy and wood panelled walls.
The food is overpriced but nice, though not for the price. We had a nice big table and there is table service. On a Sunday it is quiet, and enjoyable.
The staff were a little snobby and there were no vegetarian options!
It's part of the same group that owns the Builders Arms.

Website: thephoenix
Bookings: Yes, via their website.

Sunday, 21 May 2006

The Builders Arms SW3 3TY

Date: Sunday 21st May 2006

Choice: Heather's
Who was there: Heather, Claire, Justin, Angel & Ellen.
Guests: Nanna and Matt.

This is a lovely pub not too far from the Kings Road. The food was really nice but a bit pricier than we usually spend. We've gone posh (Heather's influence). It's £5-7 for a starter and £10-16 for a main.
The food was fantastic and it was not one big room, but many little cozy rooms.
The surroundings are really chilled, naturally it was a rainy day and it was nice and cosy with a fire inside.

Website: thebuildersarms
Bookings: Yes
Phone: 020 7622 1884

Sunday, 9 April 2006

The George, WC2R 1AP

Date: Sunday 9th April, 2006

Choice: Claire's
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Ellen, Angel & Heather .

Another rainy London day. This pub just opposite the Law Courts on The Strand.
The food to be honest was pretty average 'pub fayre'. The building is amazing though.
Interestingly, the George was founded in 1723 as a coffee house and became a Hotel in 1830, then a pub. Old regulars are Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson (according to their website).
Given the area on a Sunday there was not much choice around the area.We had originally planned to go to another pub, but found it was closed on a Sunday - we really need to plan these lunches more.

Bookings: No
Phone: 020 7353 9638