Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Queens Arms SW7 5QL

Date: Sunday 28th April, 2013

Choice: Angel
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Joe, Heather, Oscar, Angel & Ellen. 

As Oscar was headed back to work in Africa today, we chose somewhere en-route. Ellen and Angel had been here before a concert at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years ago and remembered it was tucked away in a Kensington Mews.

Probably not the most attentive of waiters  - we were initially unsure if we had a waiter or if we had to order from the bar, as we sat for about 30 mins before someone came over, and we had to ask for the bill twice.

The place was packed, and had a really nice atmosphere, seemed like it was full of local people, rather than tourists, which considering the area was a good thing.

We ordered the beef, nut roast and pork. The beef was disapointing as it was really just a more expensive version of the steak on the menu - with added yorkshires and trimmings. It was nice, but it was really just a steak and trimmings - and not enough gravy.
The nut roast was really tasty, so much so that the steak eaters had wished they had gone veggie. Potatoes were crispy outside and fluffy inside - just the way we like them. 

Heather and Justin had ice cream and Angel had the Dark Chocolate Brownie with ice cream - lovely and soft in the centre.

Mains: £14 for the Beef, £12.25 for the Pork and £12.25 for the Nut Roast.
Desserts: £5.75
Website: The Queens Arms
Bookings: Yes

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Alma N1 4QU

Date: Sunday 20th January, 2013

Choice: Heather
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Joe, Heather, Angel & Ellen. 

The first Roast for the year, and on a very cold (0 degrees) snowy sunday afternoon we all headed to the Alma. First observation is that it is run by New Zealanders, the second is it was quite cold, they did have some gas heaters placed around the pub but the toilets were like ice dens and you really only noticed the place was warm when you went from the either the toilet or outside to the main pub.

Cold aside, the food was fabulous. We had the Beef, Chicken and the Vegetarian Wellington, all were exceptional. The beef tender and cooked perfectly, the chicken perfectly moist, the Wellington not dry - as then can be - and the potatoes crisp outside and fluffy inside.
The only complaint about the vegetables was there was not enough, as it was so good we wanted more!
We had desserts - Whiskey Brownie, Apple & Blueberry crumble and the Cheeseboard.

The pub had a Scottish theme this week, due to Burns day - we assumed this is because the Kiwis wanted to distract from Australia Day (the day after Burns day) and highlight their Scottish heritage. 

Overall a fantastic meal, just a pitty about having to sit there in our woolies!

Mains: £15.50 for the Beef, £13 for the Chicken and £11.50 for the Nut Wellington.
Desserts: £5.50
Website: the Alma
Bookings: yes