Sunday, 17 January 2010

The White Hart SE19 2EZ

Date: Sunday 17th January, 2010

Choice: Jason
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Angel, Ellen, Jason & Heather.

On the corner of the Crystal Palace one-way system this cozy pub is part of a chain of pubs we have found in South London (they also have the Goat we went to in November).
The pub has a small retro clothing shop which you enter through the pub which is quite cool. Along Church Road there are some more retro shops we had a browse in after lunch.
We had the Beef, Pork, Chicken and Nut Roast, all which were very typical, the Chicken, Pork and Nut Roast were all well-cooked and very, very good and certainly all worth their price. The Beef was tough and there was not a lot of it, but the horseradish was nice and strong.
All mains came with carrots, spinach and also both mash and roast potatoes, the latter two sparking a conversation as to why many of the places we have been to serve more than one style of potato – any answers?
The chutney served with the nut roast was rather tasty too. The apple sauce that came with the Pork was mixed into the gravy.
We also ordered the cauliflower cheese (£2) side, it was good but there was not enough cheese compared to white sauce (but better than the caulifower cheese at The Goat).

Mains: £8.95 for the Beef, Chicken, Pork & Nut Roast.
Desserts: £3.50 for Brownie
yes, but not on Sundays
Phone: 020 8771 9389