Sunday, 5 July 2009

Cat & Mutton E8 4QJ

Date: Sunday 5th July, 2009

Choice: Angel
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Heather, Angel, Ellen, Siobhan & Jason.

This is an ultra-cool gastro pub right next to London Fields. Full of members of the unwashed tight jeans brigade, it's a very cool place to hang out and it looks like a place to be seen.
We couldn't book so we tried to get here nice and early, 12.30. There were loads of free tables inside but the few tables out the front were occupied by arty-student types. 6 of the 8 of us were there on time but Heather and Jason had missed a train so they were running a little late so we ordered anyway, then about 10 mins later Heather and Jason turned up and asked if they could order now but were told that the chef is stressed and they have too many food orders so they would have to wait to order. Considering we could see all the sides of beef and pork cooked and sitting on the heating tray we thought this was a bit odd.
We ordered the Roast Beef, the Pork and the Vegetarian option - Spinach and Ricotta Wellington.
The veggie option was great, it came with a tasty leek sauce and for a pub veggie option it was very interesting and inventive.
The beef was tender and the Pork succulent served with excellent crackling.
Potatoes were a bit chewy, not really the best in London. The Yorkshire puddings were pretty standard too.
We have to mention the Horseradish as it was AMAZING, unfortunately we did not ask if it was home made, the menu did not state it.
When the food came out there was pretty much silence, so that is a good sign of the food.
The only complaint would have been the staff, the aforementioned ordering issue and the staff seemed to be more interested in socialising with each other and looking cool than serving customers. For the couple of hours we were there the 2 blokes behind the bar just chatted to each other and we never saw them serve anyone, they just left it to the girl - who seemed new.
All in all a really nice Sunday Roast, just the small staffing issue.

Mains: £13.50 for the Beef
Desserts: none had, but looked very good!

Bookings: not on Sunday
Phone: 020 254 5599