Friday, 12 September 2008

The Mayflower SE16 4NF

Date: Sunday 12th September, 2008

Choice: Siobhan's
Who was there: Claire, Heather, Angel, Justin, Nate & Siobhan.
Guest: Steve

Right on the Thames, apparently near where the Pilgrims set off for the New World in 1620, this gorgeous looking rustic pub rebuilt in the 18th century is in the perfect setting for a Sunday Roast.
It was a bit posher than our usual pubs - ie. there were tablecloths! The floorboards squeeked and there were quotes painted on the walls.
The menu was extensive with loads of specials - mostly seafood. They also served springbok and kangaroo (which were both tried and were very good) and also the traditional Sunday Roast (about £12) and a couple of vegetarian options, but they were very average.
For an entree a couple of us tried the deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce (about £5) which was brilliant. They served an assortment of bread and we had olives.
The mussels were not great, the bangers and mash serving was massive, the portions generally were very large.
The bloke that took our orders really did not want to be there, he seemed a bit jaded and was not particularly helpful. The other waiters were not much better but the food was great.
The staff were very friendly and efficient.
Apparently the steak and cheese pie is brilliant (a couple of our group had been before and tried it).

Bookings: Yes
Phone: 020 7237 4088

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