Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Greyhound TW9 3AP

Date: Sunday 15th July, 2007

Choice: Ellen's
Who was there: Angel, Ellen, Claire & Justin

The place was pretty quiet for a Sunday. It was pretty drab too, not much atmosphere. It was raining, and for a Summer day, quite cold, and it was quite cold in the pub - it has really high ceilings which probably does not help trying to keep it warm.
There was a garden out the back which looks like it would be lovely on a (sunny) Summers day.
The food was really good, Ellen said it was one of the best roasts she has had so far! Unfortunately they did not have a vegetarian gravy option so a very dry plate of veggies was had.

Website: no
Bookings: not that we know of
Phone: 020 8940 0071

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