Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Bishop SE22 8EW

Date: Sunday 29th November, 2009
Choice: Ellen
Who was there: Heather, Claire, Justin, Angel, Ellen & Siobhan.
Guests: Carrie & Jon

This bar/pub on Lordship Lane is a popular place for the cool and hip young families of East Dulwich. Our table was beside such a young family, complete with dog. The Bishop actually has its own resident dog - a massive, but very friendly Weimaraner, whose name we unfortunately we forgot to ask. He wonders around the pub checking on the patrons.
We came to this pub because Angel & Ellen had been here for drinks a few weeks ago and Angel spied the massive Yorkshire puds and decided this is a place we needed to come!
The 'slow-roasted' beef briskett was wonderfully tender, moist but just a little too salty. It tore from itself and was served with a delicious horseradish! It had the perfect kick. The gravy was served on the side in a small jug, but it was the perfect amount. Potatoes were 95% there, a little floury but did not detract from the meal.
Ellen said the beef was just like her Mum makes.
The Pork was had by Heather, and Justin scored her cracking which he said was a generous serving and was pretty damn tasty.
The veggie option was a Pumpkin & Mushroom 'Wellington', Claire is not a big fan of pastry but she said it was the perfect balance and the centre was generously filled with really flavourful mushrooms.
The desserts were very good too. Angel had the Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding which was so light he was convinced (and asked) that it was pancakes! It was very rich and chocolatey and was served with warm custard. Ellen and Claire shared the Rhubarb Crumble (served with cream) and they said it was the perfect mix of sweet and sour, and the top was wonderfully crunchy.

Mains: £12 for the Beef & Pork, £10 for the Veggie option.
Desserts: £4 for all

website: No
Bookings: yes
Phone: 020 8693 3994

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