Sunday, 20 March 2011

THe Duke of Wellington W1H 2HQ

Date: Sunday 20th March, 2011
Choice: Ellen
Who was there: Ellen, Angel, Heather with guests Martina, Sandy & Paul.

In the middle of the Swedish area of London, not too far from Baker street, this pub is one of the posher ones we have been to, well it is Ellen’s birthday. We were put in the restaurant upstairs which has table cloths and everything. Downstairs the pub is quite nice and typical of a London gastro pub, though there are not many tables downstairs and they are very close together, I have been here for lunch as I work not too far away and they do a great pie.
The service was very good, probably because it is more like a restaurant up here.
We ordered most of the roasts – Beef, Lamb and Pork. The comment from Heather was that the Pork was even better than ‘Paradise’ which is really saying something as it is one of our favorite places to have a roast.
The potatoes were amazing. Yes AMAZING. Massive and the perfect amount of fluffiness! The horseradish was really creamy and had a terrific kick. The Yorkshire puddings were massive. £2 for an extra one which was greedy but necessary.
The only drawback of the venue was the music, it was Jazz, which was not particularly chilled out.

Mains: £17.50 for the Beef, £16.50 for the lamb and pork.
Desserts: Sticky toffee pudding £5.75
Bookings: Yes
Phone: 020 723 2790

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