Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Vauxhall Griffin SW8 2TH

Date: Sunday 22nd May, 2011

Choice: Justin
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Angel & Ellen.

If Justin had not found this pub we would never have seen it. Tucked down a side road near Vauxhall. It’s a really homely place. It was not particularly busy which was great, no barging, no spilled pints.
Claire had the vegetarian sausages which she said were really tasty, The beef was ok, expected for £8.50, the rarer bits were a bit tough.
The Yorkshires were a little overcooked but Ellen liked this (she likes burnt toast).
The Gravy was one of the best things of the meal. The veggies were a bit soggy.

Mains: £8.50 for the Beef & Pork, £9.50 for the Vegetables.
Desserts: £2.75 for the ice cream
Bookings: Not really needed

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