Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Rose & Crown TW9 3AH

Date: Sunday 21st August, 2011

Choice: Angel
Who was there: Heather, Claire, Angel & Ellen.

We decided to do Kew Gardens today, Claire, Angel & Ellen all met at Kew and we spent four hours walking around the gardens, climbing up the stairs to do the Tree Top Walk, also visiting the greenhouses and seeing the amazingly old plants which are cared for so well.
Afterwards we headed to the Rose & Crown. The choice was last-minute via and online search, the pub which looked like a modern, clean one had terrible reviews so we chose the Rose & Crown.
Call us Roast Snobs, but this one was pretty poor. What looked like pre-sliced beef, served with 3 half roast potatoes, a lump of mash, some cabbage and greens, and an obviously frozen Yorkshire. Quite disappointing.
The Nut Wellington was passable, but the disappointment of the vegetables brought the whole dining experience down. I know this is no reflection on the pub, but we had two wasps which would not leave us alone so Angel got a couple of glasses and trapped the wasps in the upside down glasses while we ate - and we released them when we left.
Due to this we didn’t bother with desert and instead visited the ice cream van which was parked just up the road back towards the gardens. Flake 99’s.

Mains: £8.99 for the Beef, £7.99 for the Nut Wellington.
Desserts: we did not have them (see above)
Website: roseandcrown
Bookings: Not really needed, but we did call them and book a table

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