Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Butcher & Grill SW19 5BY

Date: Sunday 23rd October, 2011

Choice: Claire
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Angel & Ellen.
Guests: Laura & James

Originally we were supposed to go to the Rose & Crown in Wimbledon Village. We got there, got drinks, waited for us all to arrive and then went to order food and were told the kitchen would be closed for an hour (this was at 3pm) so we went across the road to The Butcher & Grill.
Now not strictly a pub, more a restaurant, the  Butcher & Grill is just that - a butcher at the from and a grill house at the back. We didn't really  read the menu, we saw the Roast Beef and ordered. Claire got the red wine risotto with mushrooms and chestnuts Risotto with added vegetables.

There was plenty of beef served but very close to medium-rare, but the knife they have you was massive, so it cut through the tougher rare bits. The vegetables were amazing, lovely soft honeyed carrots and parsnips with green beens. The potatoes were soft and mushy too, lovely. 
The yorkshire pudding was massive, but Ellen thought they had been pre-cooked and frozen. 
Angel was the only one who had desserts (naturally) which he had a Yorkshire cheesecake, it more like a cheesecake with raisins, but quite thin and served with clotted cream. It was a little overcooked.

Roast Beef - £16.50

Yorkshire Cheesecake  - £6.25
Bookings: yes

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