Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Florence SE24 0NG

Date: Sunday 30th October, 2012

Choice: Angel
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Joe, Heather, Angel & Ellen. With guest, Alex.

We chose the Florence because Angel had been there a few times in the evening with work colleagues and also once for lunch with friends...also because it is the sister pub to one of our favorites - The Bishop in East Dulwich.

Making a reservation on the phone was straightforward enough and they keep the parties with kids out the back near the garden where there is also a great indoor play area for kids, complete with a baby changing area - parents with kids are perfectly catered for. However on our arrival after we had found our table and Ellen went to the bar to get some drinks and was greeted with a very impolite waitress who ended up giving her the wrong drink, now it may have been Ellen's Scottish accent, but if you are unsure, ask. 

The table waitress was luckily much more pleasant and she took our orders efficiently and with a smile. Nice. 
We ordered Roast Beef, Roast Pork and the Veggie Meatloaf with Mushroom sauce.

The Yorkshire was huge and the Pork and the Veggie Meatloaf were fine, middle of the road food, not the best but no where near the worst we have had. 

The Beef however was tasteless, albeit a very generous version of tasteless beef. The gravy was watery and the cabbage was in a creamy sauce which was more watery than creamy (and the watery gravy mixing with it did not help). It tasted like nothing had been seasoned - we had to add salt and pepper to everything. 

On the up side the potatoes were lovely and soft and crispy outside. Perfect. Pitty about the beef. We are not sure if we want to venture back to the Bishop incase the standards have slipped across the group. 

We didn't have dessert, opting to get something from the street market near the train station.

Mains: £13.50 for the Beef & Pork, £11.50 for the Veggie Meatloaf.
Desserts: None were had.
Bookings: yes, via phone

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