Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Ebury SW1W 8NA

Date: Sunday 6th September, 2009

Choice: Claire
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Heather, Angel, Ellen, Siobhan & Jason.

Another posh venue. Just a shot walk from Victoria Coach station, this is more a restaurant than a pub, a bar perhaps.
The tables were quite low and the benches hard to get out of, both due to their comfort and the fact if you were in first you had to ask the other 3 to move out so you could go to the loo. The interior is very cool and funky, almost retro with scandinavian style furniture and lighting.
The Roast of the day was Pork and they also had the standard Beef, which was had by 4 of us, it was really tender beef, with quite dry yorkshire puds (not much gravy), fluffy roast potatoes (which seemed to be deep fried), greens and a small dollop of Bread Sauce, which seemed very different butwas quite tasty.
The horseradish was great but unfortunately we forgot again to ask if it was home made.
Disappointingly there was no veggie option for the roast so Claire and Jason had the tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, artichokes, rocket and parmesan, it was realy tasty but quite oily. (£12)
The special Roast of the day (Pork) was tasty too but unfortunately it came with the same trimmings as the Beef, so not the usual apple sauce which was odd.
Our waiter was a nice french man who seemed to actually enjoy his job and was very friendly and helpful - a rarity in London.

Mains: £13.50 for the Beef
Desserts: A great menu (with pudding wine recommendations) but we were too full.

Bookings: yes
Phone: 0207 730 6784

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