Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Sun and Dove SE5

Date: Sunday 4th October, 2009

Choice: Siobhan
Who was there: Claire, Justin, Heather, Angel, Ellen, Siobhan & Jason.

This is a local for Siobhan, she often comes here for the pub quiz and movie nights and the BBQ's in the beer garden in the summer. The interior is quite big and airy. It's on Coldharbour lane, just a short stroll from Camberwell.
Sadly they did not have a beef roast, just chicken and lamb. The chicken was very dry, but the gravy (the little there was) was great.
The vegetarian Lentil Wellington had been spied on the menu and was greatly anticipated, but unfortunately it came out warm, Claire and Jason could not decide if they liked it or not.
Angel chose the steak as he was told the lamb would come out medium rare. The steak was great, perfectly cooked and the chips were very moorish. The lamb was vert good, Justin and Heather had it and Angel was disappointed as it was perfectly cooked and not medium rare at all! The fennel and other vegetables were really very good.
Overall it was a good meal, the place was not very busy but they asked us if we wanted condiments when we were halfway through the meal which was a little slack as like we said they were not busy.
The organic carrot cake was amazing, but the warm brownie was uncooked - this was not that much of an issue as cake mix is really really tasty and this was a good brownie!

Mains: £9.50 for the lamb
Desserts: £4.50 for the Brownie, a very reasonable £2.25 for the Carrot Cake
Bookings: yes
Phone: 0207 733 1525

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